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Latest promotions from the City of Guelph

Latest promotions from the City of Guelph


Specializing in fusion and western dresses and ethnic Indian/Pakistani suits, the business stands out with a dedicated section for custom-made dresses. Gunit, a skilled designer with a decade of experience, infuses vitality into each creation, offering personalized statements for every customer.

In business for just over a month, Gunit's Boutique is a comprehensive destination for women's clothing, providing design, stitching, and alteration services. Beyond selling clothes, the boutique embodies a multicultural approach, reflecting Gunit's experience in New Delhi, India.

Looking ahead, Gunit aims to venture into online retail through his website, transforming it into an e-commerce platform. The near-term goal includes establishing a distinctive brand and expanding availability through various retail outlets. Guelph was chosen for its multicultural community, strategic location, a thriving market for women's clothing, and supportive business environment.

Gunit emphasizes the importance of supporting local businesses, contributing to the community's economic foundation, fostering community pride, and creating job opportunities for overall growth and sustainability.

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Credits : Invest in Guelph 

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